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short notes:

  • we are a nonprofit organization
  • our hackerspace is open to the public every tuesday from 7 pm
  • we are located at Sedanplatz 7 in Wiesbaden, Germany
  • we have free WiFi, a sitting lounge, room for workshops and talks, soldering work stations, a basic workshop and lots of Club Mate
  • our homepage: https://www.cccmz.de
  • our twitter-account: http://twitter.com/cccmz
  • our facebook-account: http://www.facebook.com/cccmz
  • the first meeting took place on october  21st 2003
  • since 2005 we are broadcasting a live talk radio show on  Radio Rheinwelle called Fnordfunk (blog and rss on fnordfunk.de)
  • since 2007 we have been offering courses in robotics with Lego Mindstorms for school children
  • in the context of CCC’s project „Chaos macht Schule“ we help teachers, pupils and parent to gain better understanding and competence about digital media
  • CCCMZ has over 50 members at the moment
  • we are a regional organization of  CCC e.V.

Whats up on tuesdays?

Every Tuesday from 7pm we open our hackerspace for the public. These informal meetings are the basis for our projects. We organize events, get some soldering done, plan new projects, have wild discussions about current topics, learn about the newest memes, drink a lot of Club Mate and generally have a good time. There are always interesting people around to talk to and everybody is welcome.

I don’t speak German. Can I come?

Of course. Most of our members speak English fluently but keep in mind that the conversational language in the hackerspace is German. You may not be able to follow all discussions but chances are high that someone will translate for you.

I don’t know anything about computers. Can I come?

Sure! We don’t restrict our selves to computer stuff. If you are interested in any of our topics just drop by and join the discussion. If you need something explained just ask politely and we’ll try to help you.

So what else do you do?

We offer courses in Robotics using Lego Mindstorms for children during the school holidays. We have been in cooperation with the city of Wiesbaden’s department for youth and social services since 2007 to organize and fund these courses to introduce children to technology in a playful and fun way.
Also we join the Folklore-Festival every year in cooperation with Kreativfabrik. During the festival we show off our projects and get in touch with the public. If you happen to be on the festival just drop by for a refreshing Club Mate and a nice chat.
In the context of Chaos Computer Club’s „Chaos macht Schule“ project we answer requests from schools and help kids, youths or parents understanding data protection or risks and advantages of social networking or related topics.
Every last sunday of the month we broadcast a live talk radio show on Radio
(92,5 MHz) in which we discuss various technology related topics. Live streams and archives are available on http://fnordfunk.de.

Why is the chaos computer club Mainz located in Wiesbaden?

The CCCMZ was conceived as a regular meeting of members of the physics faculty  of the University of Mainz. The majority of members were living in Mainz so the chaos computer club Mainz was founded. During the search for own rooms we had the opportunity to sublease the rooms of the then very young Kreativfabrik in the  Wiesbadener Schlachthof. So the CCCMZ crossed the Rhine river and since then more members from Wiesbaden joined the club so we eventually had to find a bigger location in an old pharmacy at Sedanplatz in Wiesbaden.

What DON’T you do?

Our club is all about technology in its various expressions most of them somehow related with computers. Although many members have profound knowledge about computers we are NOT a helpdesk for your Windows problems or your faulty WiFi configuration. There’s professional people out there for those kinds of problems.
Also we DON’T do contract hacking of any kind. We do NOT break in websites, email, social media accounts or systems. Not for private or public clients, not for money, favours or whatever personal tragedy has befallen you. NOT EVER!
We strictly follow CCC’s principle of hacker ethics

4 Gedanken zu „English Information

  1. j

    Hey o i am intresred in the ccc mainz i will be staying in the area for the summer… I would like to do some 3d printing and laser cutting.. And am currently trying to build a hho generator for my van would like maybe some colaboraters… Especially with making the pwm controllers..

  2. tiberius Beitragsautor

    Hello j,

    Sorry for the late answer, our website team isn’t staffed as well as we would like. Our hackerspace will be equipped with a commercial laser cutter in mid august 2014 so we might be able to help you with your projects. We don’t have a 3D printer yet but we certainly can direct you to other hackerspaces in the area that do.
    We would like to welcome you in our hackerspace on a tuesday evening, show you around and learn more about your projects.

  3. Muralikrishna Gopal

    I am much interested to join in this group and I would like to learn about Computer( Networking & Hardware).

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